Welcome to Governance and Economic Policy Centre.

Welcome to Governance & Economic Policy Centre.

Addressing the unique dimensions of the poverty eradication agenda in Tanzania.

Good Governance

Engage the governance agenda by taking part in civic processes, accountability mechanisms and tackling issues like corruption and other practices which impede good governance,by actively assessing, exposing and explaining the relationships between trade, governance and economic development and how through improved good governance Countries transform into robust economic growth…


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Trade & Investment

Engage in trade policy issues affecting local and inter regional trade and trade with other trading partners. Engage in policy research and discussions and advocacy on contemporary international issues affecting international trade e.g. the current EAC, ,SADC, the Tripartite COMESA-EAC-SADC negotiations, WTO debates, EU-EAC i.e EPA negotiations, the OECD-EU, G20, G8 trade and taxation debates through increased intra and inter-regional trade…


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Taxation & Development

Constantly engaging the role of small and medium enterprises, small businesses in trade and the opportunities available to do business. We look at the funding mechanisms for business trade. Explore and asses the existing fiscal policy and regulatory frameworks governing trade and tax laws like VAT, income tax & etc. By generating expertise and wisdom to provide advisory services to SME, Civil society, private sector and government….


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Economic Policy Advocacy

Demonstrate how development finance and good governance are linked to trade and taxation and how in recent times there has been a disconnection. We will look at the institutions, systems, policies and structures which are affecting trade and development in Tanzania and the EA Region. We engage in mobilisation of people, as citizens and facilitate a process of intellectually moving them from being subjects to citizens towards self realisation…


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EITI gets New International Board, former Swedish PM as Chair


Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) general convening in Lima on 23rd February, 2016 elected a new governance board of directors comprising of distinguished and high standing members drawn from the.. read more

Gov’t Revenues from Extractive sector increases, Tsh 2.4 trillion unreconciled


Government revenues reportedly paid by mining, Oil and gas companies, collectively known as the Extractive Industries Sector has increased by over five times from USD 102,110,000 in 2011 to USD.. read more

Increasing tax revenues: Major Tanzania tax reforms in offing


Major tax reforms are in the offing as government searches for alternative longterm solutions to boost its tax revenue collections during the 2016/17 fiscal year and years to come. Overtime,.. read more